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Parker is a Cinematographer and 3D artist. He has shot multiple narratives and promotional work such as If Only, Jason's Dream, and Project Hope's: Bread for Life. He has done many freelance motion graphic, and 3D animations in various programs that you can check out under 3D and Compositing! He has also worked on many sets in Kansas City as a professional Gaffer and Key Grip. Parker also shoots headshots and senior pictures to help professionals and students stand out in and further their careers! Parker currently lives WA, and works as an eLearning and Video Developer.

My Story

Parker grew up in Gretna, NE, until he arrived in St Joseph, MO, to attend Missouri Western State University. He is currently perusing a degree in Applied Arts majoring in Cinematic and Performing Arts. He has also obtained a minor in Theatre.

Parker has devoted his time to working with many cameras and lights in his career. Z Cam, Blackmagic, and Canon's C series are some of the cinema cameras he has used to shoot narratives. ARRI Fresnel's, ARRI HMI's, and various LED's are lights he has also used for narratives, promotional material, and photography.


Animation and 3D projects are also a large part of Parker's artistic career. He started with stop motion animation with armatures and clay, and he has since found a love for Blender and Maya in the form of modeling, lighting, and animation. 2D text and image animation in After Effects and DaVinci Resolve have also been a large part of Parker's career.

Parker is the writer and DP of his thesis film "If Only". "If Only" premiered at the Griffon Film Festival in late April. It won best score! Production was an absolute blast, and he can't thank everyone enough who helped him make it.


He has many years of experience occupying cast and crew positions both big and small! Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions over DP, animation, and artistic work!

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

I live to help and create to enjoy!


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